Saturday, February 25, 2012

White Boy

I remember listening to this song in 1973 or so, with very little idea of what Paul Kantner was talking about, except knowing that in some sense, he was talking about me.  The times were probably the peak of White Guilt, or at least the last time at which it was so subconsciously induced.  Fresh out of the Civil Rights, Women's, Hippie and every other kind of movement of the '60's precursed by the Beats in the 50's, flaming Liberalism and straight-out Revolution had seized the druggy minds of most of those who'd made it to the 70's.  It's not my briefer intent here to rehash that time.  But I remember listening to this seeming out-of-place song on Baron Von Tollboth and the Chrome Nun and thinking... what..??

Almost forty years later, I'm sitting here reading a great 1921 bio of Lokamanya Tilak, Indian nationalist of the era before Gandhi and author of The Arctic Origin in the Vedas.   If you're not familiar with the Polar mythos of Arktos, this book is not a bad intro and not nearly as lurid as its title and cover.  Whether it's Tilak or the more multicultural (though vastly more suspect for other reasons) Theosophical speculations (or revelations, depending on whom you believe) of Madame Blavatsky, the origin of the Aryan race in the former (before the last shift) North Pole is a very popular theme in some very non-popular circles.  I really don't want to rehash it all for you here, though I am definitely encouraging you to check out the subject if your intuition inclines you to such things.

Another topic NOT subject to total re-hash at this point is the whole idea of races of man.  If you're one of those rapid multiculturalists who wants to deny even that such things exist... well, why are you reading me in the first place?  Because it doesn't take a doggie supremacist to admit that Irish Wolfhounds and Poodles are different breeds.  I would, however, recommend the excellent discussion in what I find the most interesting chapter of Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs and Steel, which is I think the most readable, fascinating and valid exposition of the modern concept of man's history that I've encountered.  Though I don't buy the Out of Africa theory - I tend to think that "mankind" originated as multiple species in multiple places that "somehow" bred together - and Diamond's presentation presents merely the evolutionary history of man, in other words, his ascending history - as opposed to his descending history as taught to us by Tradition and the Vedas - it is still more than worth a read, especially for his chapter on Africa, the history of which is more complex than I'd imagined.  Did you know that there are currently five distinct races of mankind, two of them found almost uniquely in Africa?  Did you know that there are six distinct families of Semitic languages, and only Hebrew is not found exclusively - guess where? Hmmmn....

Anyway.  What I found as my true awakening into manhood, around 2004 (chronicled in more detail here, and in other articles on that blog site) was when I discovered that in between Eternity - the undivided One - and the purely Now, the world of transitional and impermanent forms - is a whole lot of interesting stuff.  As a matter of fact I seem to have devoted my life to swimming in those interstices as much as possible, and am getting a lot of satisfaction out of doing it.  It led to my abandonment of institutional, American Zen - which I had discovered has all the authenticity of a Renaissance Fair, and at any rate pretends to an understanding of, and background in, a culture of which I think I can safely say that very few modern Americans, and almost zero of those who come to it through the New Age quest for "self" (which is based on Westernized individualism in the first place), understand.  I discovered through my own meditations that I am in fact part of larger entities on many levels, not just "the One", or the "nothing" which might better be labelled a goal of Zennies (though they deny having goals, in some facile wordplay that makes them unchallengeable in their own delusions).  And yes, I come from a family, and a clan, and a tribe (although those are lost, dissolved) and a Race.  I am of primarily German and Scotch-Irish descent, as best I can tell.

The denigration of the Indo-European - dare we say, Aryan? - peoples has been in full swing since at least the end of World War II, and is probably nowhere more rampart than the deteriorated societies of Europe.  I needn't argue the ridiculousness of this, except to cite that as always, the winner of the wars write the histories.  The most obvious fallacy of this derision that began in the late-fifties was the concept that somehow racial pride was a good thing for Blacks, for Indians, for everyone except Whites, who were supposed to feel guilty. It led to a lot of social problems and contributed to the rise of the Welfare state in American (already underway since the '30's) and is currently just one more factor in the imminent total collapse of Western civilization.  But enough for all that, for now...

It is indeed a historical mystery, the origin of the White race.  "Did you come from the Earth? Did you come from the Sky?"


  1. Perhaps David Icke has it right?...

  2. Lizards? You're right, they don't tan well....

    1. They may not tan well but the need the sun like few others.....

  3. I actually enjoyed that song very much. Probably because it's from my era and the music sends me back. Oddly enough I've never heard the band before.

    It looks as though evidence for white origin is in dispute now. There seems to be some question about whether there is more than one origin for the races. I have been reading Henry Corbin and others and Corbin states that for the ancient Iranians as well as other peoples in the area which forms a crossroads between East and West, there was a different between the 'North' as a point of Origin and North as a simple direction. In other words sacred geography, based in the next hierarchical world, the world of the Mundus Imaginalis, can be different from the world we inhabit in the senses, expressive of a principle rather than a hardened fact. Sacred North, as a point of origin, may or may not be an actuality in the mundane realm but it is a fact of the spiritual realm as defined by many of the ancients. Our personal sacred north is surely the land of origin for the Aryan(Corbin's Indo-Iranian spiritual spectrum), however it would be interesting to see if they come up with more evidence for a multiplicity of 'edens' for the various peoples.