Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spartan Malaise

He is weary now.
The reins of his chariot lie coiled in the dust,
parched silent tongues

Horses drip sweat,
patient, unforgiving
Bronze sloughs away and pink flesh burns in the sun shielded not by love, honour, or common dirt

Mud homes sink into the earth, collapse, molecules not divine

A single point of light above, God's torch, will not even forsake him,
burns lovingly and with care
Hatred provides no refuge

Falcon-eyed Mother:"Με την ασπίδα σας ή σε την"
There is no shield for the heart and a strong one too
Paradox of Sun and Earth

'Let me steal the rain, a cloud to cloud my bosom
and none to blow it away, a cloak to cloak cloakedness'

An unbegged-for blessing
water comes in torrents
hated moisture

The horses start
before two laughing ruts in the mud

by Carnuntum

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  1. Wow! Awesome work...and what a way to paint a scene. Nice!